20 July 2011

By Tetley!

I’m a real ‘chai chica’.  That is to say, I need a hot cup of tea to kick start my day!

So I was more than delighted to try out Tetley’s Redbush blend, which apparently can help you to achieve glowing skin (and I don’t think they mean by putting your face near a steamy mug!).

This tea contains 100% natural rooibos, or what we call Redbush, which is reputed to contain the mineral zinc and is a super source of antioxidants, which may help to maintain a healthy body and fight free radicals.
Science bit aside, I also love the fact that Tetley Redbush is caffeine free, so I’m not bouncing off walls and don’t feel so dehydrated. It’s low in tannin, which can discolour teeth and so helps to maintain a whiter and brighter smile – perfect with my big day coming up!
Tetley Redbush is £1.69 (for 40). Read more about it here: www.tetley.co.uk/redbush.

Better get the kettle on then…

4 July 2011

Luxury Beauty At The Beach

Hello to Sunshine Monday!

I've just returned from my hen weekend on Hvar Island in Croatia (absolute heaven!) and these gorgeous beauty treats got the girls and I suitably glammed up to look beach chic.

Check out my review on Running In Heels to see more: http://runninginheels.co.uk/articles/luxury-beach-beauty/

Hope you like it!

Beauty Biscuit xx

6 June 2011

Under Eye Rescues

I hate the dark circles under my eyes and no matter what I try (healthy diet of green leafy vegetables, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest), those pandas still form (sigh).
I've tried lots of formulas, only to find that good hydrating creams are the best for my skin - the apple of my eye as it were (pardon the terrible pun!).
Two lovely luxury hotel and spa PR girls recently handed me dinky handbag essentials by luxe Aussie skincare range, Sodashi. Sodashi takes its name from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit meaning, ‘wholeness, purity and radiance’. The Eye and Lip Smoother has a super rich and creamy blend, which glides on so effortlessly without irritating the delicate area and is the oh-so smooth base before the next vital beauty step to achieving beautiful eyes: concealer.
The best bit is that this product is made with 100% natural ingredients with no added synthetic chemicals or fragrances.

Another recent find I came across is BeautyLab’s Instant Renewal Eye Complex. The founder tells me it is infused with anti-inflammatory properties and peptides to create a healthy looking eye area: no blemishes, no fine lines and a plumped-up effect! Again, we just love the creamy feel!
Both products are available to buy online: http://www.sodashi.com  / http://www.beautylabshop.com                                                   

3 June 2011

My Summer Must-Haves on The Beauty Pages

So the sun is shining upon us again here in dreary London! Weather forecasters (dare we trust them) predict a sunny month ahead, so it’s high time to freshen up our look, as well as prep for summer beach holidays (I’m off to Croatia with the girls later this month and cannot WAIT to soak up some rays!).

Simply click here to check out my beauty secrets revealed on The Beauty Pages here: http://www.the-beauty-pages.com/thefeature.php
Happy weekend!
Beauty Biscuit x

11 May 2011

The E Number That's A Wonder

Thirsty, sensitive skin will feel braver to bare all in the knowledge that there’s a new body moisturiser out by E45. This ultra-thick, hydrating and nourishing formula glides on so effortlessly that you’ll be sure to apply it everywhere, daily. The creamy lotion sank straight into my skin to form a soft cocoon, while a little touch stayed on the surface as a fresh scented layer to protect throughout the day. I’m sure this new potion will soon become a cult beauty buy. This is a definite skin quenching essential for even the most sensitive of skins.
E45 Endless Moisture Derma Restore, £4.59