20 July 2011

By Tetley!

I’m a real ‘chai chica’.  That is to say, I need a hot cup of tea to kick start my day!

So I was more than delighted to try out Tetley’s Redbush blend, which apparently can help you to achieve glowing skin (and I don’t think they mean by putting your face near a steamy mug!).

This tea contains 100% natural rooibos, or what we call Redbush, which is reputed to contain the mineral zinc and is a super source of antioxidants, which may help to maintain a healthy body and fight free radicals.
Science bit aside, I also love the fact that Tetley Redbush is caffeine free, so I’m not bouncing off walls and don’t feel so dehydrated. It’s low in tannin, which can discolour teeth and so helps to maintain a whiter and brighter smile – perfect with my big day coming up!
Tetley Redbush is £1.69 (for 40). Read more about it here: www.tetley.co.uk/redbush.

Better get the kettle on then…


  1. Nice to know that! Now i would love more drinking tea.

  2. Great! come back soon to read all about my favourite hairdressers :)